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Production Facilities

Production Facilities

CNC Pipe Bending Machine

A CNC Pipe Bending Machine is equipped with computerized control for precise and automated bending of pipes. It accommodates various materials, has multiple axes for flexibility, and is widely used in industries requiring accurate and customized pipe bending for applications such as automotive and construction.

Hydraulic Press

A Hydraulic Press is a machine that uses hydraulic force to compress, shape, or Mold materials. It typically consists of a hydraulic cylinder and a hydraulic pump to generate pressure, allowing for various applications such as metal forming, stamping, and assembly processes.

ABS Vacuum Forming Machine

Vacuum Forming Machine is a specialized equipment used in the manufacturing process of shaping plastic sheets, particularly those made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). The machine utilizes a vacuum to create a mold by heating a plastic sheet until it becomes pliable and then forming it over a mold or pattern.

Paint Booth

Controlled environment designed for applying paint or coatings to objects. It ensures a uniform finish by managing factors like airflow and temperature. Widely used in automotive and industrial settings, paint booths contribute to efficient and safe paint application while containing fumes and overspray.

Shower Testing

Quality control procedure to assess the water-tightness of showers and enclosures. By subjecting them to water, this test identifies potential leaks and ensures the product meets quality standards, preventing water damage and ensuring durability.

MIG Arc Welding

It is a process where a continuously fed wire electrode creates an electric arc with the workpiece, melting and fusing metals. Shielded by inert gas, typically argon, MIG welding is known for its versatility and speed.